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This site is the only one approved by The Fanlistings Network for the STUDY of tyrants

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Please note that this listing is for fans of the STUDY of tyrants only, and not for tyranny and dictatorship itself.

It is difficult to say who is and who is not a tyrant, because one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. So this site's theme uses rulers often given that label, just for clarification's sake.


 Era: Ancient Rome Era: Colonial America Era: Medieval Event: Battle of Gettysburg Event: Titanic Sinking Event: US Civil War Fashion: Antebellum Dresses Fashion: Renaissance Gowns Misc: History Channel Movies: Documentaries People: Knights People: Royalty People: Tudor Dynasty Person: Anne of Cleves Person: Boleyn, Anne Person: Borgia, Cesare Person: Elizabeth I Person: Katherine of Aragon Person: Longstreet, James Person: Rommel, Erwin Person: Roosevelt, Teddy Relationship: Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

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